dai volontari in evidenza

Growing hurts! Yes, also volunteering

By: Saúl Olvera

We are regularly told that growing hurts. Since we are teenagers, our extremities stretch and cause us physical pain. Also, psychologically, we carry similar processes, where our mind must stretch out of prejudices, bad habits learned, endless thoughts that do not allow us to move forward and, sometimes, we must forcefully fight.

Volunteering internationally does not escape from this process. Maybe you have read it on other occasions and it may cause some conflict to know that effectively: leaving your comfort zone is very painful. But then, why do we leave our comfort zone? Believe me, it’s not that there is any hidden fixation on being masochists. It is rather an internal call for wanting to do more than what you currently do and, incidentally, as you help yourself, help others.

The search for growth (call it personal, spiritual, professional or educational) always involves a sacrifice in the middle to reach the desired benefit. Precisely, it depends on the type of growth sought, are the difficulties / sacrifices / tests. And, Ah! What a headache! But when you keep in mind that in this sacrifice you include self-help and help others, it becomes a conviction: no matter how far you are from home, no matter how much you are suffering from cultural shocks, it does not matter if I suddenly feel alone, everything has a for what, and this is to grow. Grow thinking, grow good feelings, grow your horizons, grow your possibilities, grow and grow, because the world is in need of people to care, to build bridges, to cultivate, to twin.

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