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The InCo and Mlal associations invite Pergine students to be part of the Social Day

Pergine-  Last Saturday, February 3rd, there was a meeting with more than fifty students from the Marie Curie school in Pergine, where Paola Tonelli, who works for the Mlal association, talked with the kids to encourage them to be part of the activities of the Social Day program. With this project the 3 rd grade boys will be able to work for a whole day, receive a payment and then donate this money to one of the 3 social assistance projects.

In representation of Inco, our volunteer Israel Pulido talked with the kids about his experience as a volunteer in Trento, the activities he carries out within his project and the challenges they face but at the same time all the satisfactions that are obtained when carrying out the EVS ( European volunteering service).

During the meeting several dynamics and games were carried out so that the participants could empathize with the social problems that surround them, and in turn, make them aware of the help they are going to be able to offer to other people in other parts of the world through the Social Day project.

The meeting conlcuyò with excellent results where participants were excited to be part of this project. If you wish to obtain more information about this project you can send an email to the address [email protected] or you can contact the Mlal association in its different social networks.

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