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The argentine night

By: Ezequiel Lifschitz

On Friday, November 3, at the Kairos Center, I had the opportunity to spend a night dedicated to Argentine culture where, with images, small texts and comic strips, we have immersed ourselves in the context of a society increasingly hit by the current government where every day there is place to events that the memoriosos relate directly with those occurred in the military dictatorship of 1976 until the end of 1983.

Enforced disappearances, political persecution of the mothers and grandmothers of the disappeared in the dictatorship and said misogynists by the president are the current currency in Argentina. That is why I felt the need to show everything that is happening from my point of view.

In the night Argentina I thought to divide it into three main topics, 1. Mothers and Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo. Today after so many years of struggle they are again persecuted politically and attacked from the government

2. Forced disappearance of the activist Santiago Maldonado (he accompanied the Mapuche people in the struggle for the recovery of their land in the hands of the Benetton company where, in the middle of a confrontation, the police take him away, disappear him and 80 days later they plant him in the same place where they saw him for the last time, the government says that he drowned because he did not know how to swim among so many other blasphemies to hide the truth that we still demand) and the last topic was the movement Not One Less that gives rise to a self-convened, self-financed, horizontal and democratic event called the National Women’s Meeting, where women from all over the world come together to debate and strengthen the struggle against a society and an absolutely patriarchal and misogynistic state. In the last meeting more than 65,000 women were registered putting body, mind and spirit in a context where every 30 hours a woman dies due to gender violence.

During the serata, each of the boys had a poker card, where the club represented a topic and the number represented an image, which could be, a comic strip of mafalda to a phrase of Galano or che guevara, then through of a dynamic they had to travel the space of two, trying to formulate questions and so answer them among all. The idea was that we ask ourselves more and more questions, in relation to the media, to governments, to the concept of democracy and popular struggle. After answering the questions and chatting with each one in relation to the personal interest of the boys, we shared empanadas, chipa and of course, a lot of mate!

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