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Winter is over in all senses!

By: Saul Olvera

It’s an obvious thing that by these days, we can say that in fact, Winter is over. Spring is crashing with a nice, warm and sunny days, where you can see people smiling almost all the time, going out with colorful outfits and everything seems really shinny. Birds singing, flowers growing up and making the fields beautiful again. If you need to name a place to exemplify one of the most beautiful panoramas surrounded by mountains and flowers is here: Austria.

I was wondering in one point if the people from here is used to the real cold weather or long winter seasons, because for sure, for a Mexican who has never felt this, should be very tough. Tough not seeing colors, receiving less Sun hours and why not to say, the absence or lack of human warmth.

After a serie of -the-last-well-mentioned- unfortunate events, light needed to come. It’s a common saying: after the storm, the calm comes. Or several versions for saying that in fact, after a period of time, other comes, and sounds so easy and obvious to say, but to live it is the hardest. But when you realize that that period is over and you didn’t die, you feel stronger. You feel more alive and with new motivations, different approaches and points of view burst like flower bottoms.
In my daily life I need to help in the logistic of the events that are developed in der Bäckerei, for example, an Open Mic Session, a concert, a theater play, workshops, etc. That keeps me alive, because all the time I have the opportunity to meet new people and have an approach from the way of living of the audience for alternative culture/arts in Innsbruck. Thus, my circle of friends have growth and developed in a funny way. Nevertheless, I need to take care of my time: work and personal life. Normally this is very mixed, even more in places like this, because you like what you do, and at the same time you use it normally for having fun. Then, when are you going to be in other environment? I think it’s healthy for the mind to try to find different spaces for you. And that’s something that happened to me.

Probably that was one of the reasons why in one point I felt in a long winter time in my life. A closed circle of routine, even though is impossible to feel like that in a free place like this. I would have called it: the unbearable routine of freedom (even if it sounds paradox). This freedom needs to be taken serious for organizing your life, otherwise it would take you repeat things that you think that you may need, even if you don’t.

With the weather something great came: the possibility to spend time outside, in a chair, nearby the river and to enjoy the view meanwhile you have lunch and a fresh drink. Probably that makes you already feel in other environment out of your normal daily life. And gives you strength, freshness, willingness.

I’m still trying to keep the balance of the working hours and the outside unreal (to exemplify the beauty of the view) life. Winter is not bad for sure, but I really like spring a bit more, me the tropical weather boy. However, it was really a good experience to feel the coldness and darkness in one period and then to thank what it comes afterwards, could make you grateful for situations that you would have never thought about it.

Let’s keep it up!

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