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Tijuana No!

By: Israel Pulido

Everyday, hundreds of people from Central and South America put their lives at risk to reach the United States in search of the “american dream”. These people, who are blamed for being invaders, go on a large-scale journey, overcoming various obstacles in which they can lose money, dignity, family and even life.

That is why Casa del Migrante, a Mexican non-profit association established in the city of Tijuana, B. C. Mexico since 1987, works together with various associations and volunteers from all countries in the world supporting in hosting, feeding and providing various services that are completely free to the hundreds of migrants who for various reasons have not been able to cross over to the other side of the border, and who, due to other circumstances, need a place to sleep and satisfy their most basic needs.

To this day, Casa del Migrante has done an exceptional job where it has supported more than 250,000 migrants.

Lorenzo Caldarelli is an Italian volunteer who has traveled to Tijuana to carry out his European Volunteering Service (EVS) at Casa del Migrante within the Broader project, managed by the Inco Association (Trento, Italy) and financed by the European Union, who through From our Mexican partner, the VIMEX association (CDMX) has been able to achieve its goal of offering its work and creativity to people in difficult situations.

That is why, in Lorenzo’s own words, he proposes a series of videos to promote equality, abandon prejudices and any form of racism, because being a migrant is not a crime, being a migrant means moving to different destinations.

Video # 1:


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