dai volontari in evidenza

Is so close that I could…

By: Saùl Olvera

The concern about how much/good can we develop in a certain period, comes with a deadline in brackets. When the end of this period is close, the obvious reaction is to auto-evaluate if our goals of development that we set are in the expected level; nevertheless there is other way to react: saying “the end is so close” may generate sadness, disinterest, distraction, irresponsibility. Deadlines are great for some structured and formal processes, for example, could be in a specific task, an specific job-educational work. But when it’s about self-set goals and you are not used to manage them, could turn into a mess.

I’m one of those, “not used to…”, therefor I’m experiencing this lack of control on these last period… What I recommend? Not to measure the time in smallest type of portions, for example, instead of saying that 3 months are left, using: “just few weeks/days are left”. I would say: is so close that I could try to enjoy everything at 100%, smile 100% more, achieve the tasks that aren’t done yet and keep on it like if there is no end. What and end could mean in this process of the European Voluntary Service, may signify other major mean in the next period of your life. Let’s keep on opening doors, maintain contact with new and old friends and never quit to find motivation.

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