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Alfonsina and the Sea-Gomel

By: Marina Gomel

– I just bought a ticket

– Seriously? Where are you going?

– To visit you!

It was December of last year, and the first message was a friend or, as I say, my Being of Light: Alfonsina. From that message to May, which is when it arrived, a thousand conversations passed by all means: whatsapp, skype (we learned to use it by force), facebook, instagram, and almost that we fall into the clutches of twitter. Emotion, anxiety, expectation, a little fear too, fear of reunion. All emotions that were in my body, and that at times settled in my belly and made me a knot that even sleep left me.

A few weeks later I would get a very similar message, but now from my parents, and with this new message, again the same feelings as before. But this time stronger, because it was basically my family. I was terrified of the reunion.

After five months, which sometimes seemed eternal and at times so fast that they gave vertigo, finally came on May 9. Wednesday 9 May, 11:30 in the morning we meet “Alfon” at the central station of Milan. Hug, kiss, another couple of hugs, and we started the trip, which lasted approximately twenty days and that took us to travel different corners, always magical, from Italy: Milan, Venezia, Florence, Siena, Pisa, Napoli, Capri, La Costa Amalfitana, Palermo and, last but especially significant: Rome.

Rome was where the reunion with my parents took place. 11:00 in the morning my plane arrived, which transported us from Palermo to Rome in an hour and a half. 11:30 arrived the plane of my popes, flight not so short or direct. That half hour was terrible, some nerves that made me eat one, moments of happiness that made me jump on one foot, and moments of fear that made me want to run. But it happened, and at approximately noon, the delay is a natural characteristic of them, they went through that giant gate that the airports have. Hugs that joined hearts and warm kisses were seen by almost the entire airport.

Although we are used to traveling together (both with my parents and my friend), this trip was diverse, or at least I felt different. It was a piece of my life in Buenos Aires that had come to Italy, it was the vertigo of knowing that the return date is approaching day by day, it was the reunion. It was the feeling so beloved, strange and important to make them travel sixteen hours by plane.

The twenty days ended and the moment of farewell came, or the “re-farewell”, again hugs and kisses, again mixed emotions. That feeling of “I’m dying to stay here 20 days more days” was latent, but at the same time I felt that my heart was telling me “you have a bit of Bolzano and your life for the last six months”, but there were not many options, so I took the train. I traveled for five hours by train, and in those five hours the only thing I could think about was my first farewell and this last one. I remembered how difficult the first one was, mainly the post farewell, already on the plane alone, where repentance of the decision was not an option, but it was the feeling that was always latent. On the other hand, this “re-dismissal” was a mixture of emotions: extreme happiness to return to Bolzano, to my work, to my friends, a little concern for this extreme happiness that took over my body, and at times, brief but intense, I felt a strong desire for an embrace like the one of reunion: the one that unites hearts.

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