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The Broaders are breaking it in Europe!

Finally, an unprecedented event took place in the city of Trento, Italy, where four of our volunteers who are part of the project BROADER: Boosting cross-border interRelations to Overcome Animosity and DEvelop human Rights education, from Mexico and Argentina had the opportunity to share with other Trentinos what their experience has been Through its European Voluntary Service, at the same time they carried out various activities for social integration, and above all, reflections focused on the issue of migration worldwide.

The event was held in the facilities of the Bar La Bookique, and was attended by more than 20 young people from various local associations, as well as people who responded to our open call for those wishing to be part of this event.

The event began with an activity coordinated by Ezquiel Liftchitz called “the passport of life” with which it was sought that everyone present knew each other and could share general information that would help the group’s integration. Boys of different ages, races, religions, and ideologies sharing the same moment.

Marina Gomel was responsible for carrying out an activity related to the distribution of wealth worldwide, to open dialogue and reflection on this topic, but above all, create awareness with hard data and statistics.

The evening culminated with a banquet for the guests, in addition with a photographic and infographic exhibition to show the different facets of migration in Europe and Latin America.

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