dai volontari in evidenza

Three jumps to freedom!

By: Ezequiel Lifschitz


Eight months have passed since I first stepped on the European continent, I feel that discovering something new at each step could strengthen those traces, links, projects and ideas for my future.

As we all know the Italian and argentinian culture have many things in common, but something I never imagined is that I was going to start dancing and playing in an official murga so far from its origin.

I was lucky to find a family with whom we share all kinds of crazy things, including forming a murga in Trento, a city that knew how to win our love and admiration for its beautiful nature.

Today we can say that we have our first exit as official murga of Trento! will be within the framework of the parade of gay pride – to be held in the city of Trento for the first time in its history, we are very excited to arrive on June 9 to go out through the streets of Trento and give murguera magic to this city that when it is turned on it is difficult to turn off! “

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