dai volontari in evidenza

The destiny’s choice

By: Guadalupe Cascardo

Not many times you have the opportunity to be chosen. And with this I mean, to feel ideal, loved, valued, suitable, respected, part of, cozy, unique, fortunate, and an endless number of beautiful sensations, etcetera.

In my life, I have passed through many revolutions, internal and external, as it should be. But this volunteering is proving to be the most special revolution of my life.

Maybe because I am a girl, Argentinian, Latin American, with a social conscience, strongly feminist, disorganized but passionate; in love with life and focus on traveling, knowing and experiencing. Perhaps for all that and something else, is that this volunteering is a colossal revolution for me. But maybe not, maybe the same thing happens to all volunteers.

During all this time I learned to set up a new family, to live with 4 beautiful and special women from Italy, France, Austria, and Mexico. Also a little while with the nicest and craziest boy from Nigeria. Afterwards, sorority became a principal code and friendship an essential thing for my daily life. Nobody knows how, but we were a perfect match. We made our home a space full of music, homemade vegetarian food, and a lot a lot of love. I think this is my revolution. I received so much love this last year that I managed to heal many wounds. Today I can say that in Slovakia all the children and young people with whom I worked, my multicultural family, the eccentric and kind friends I made and a boy who doesn’t stop to make me fall in love in various unexpectedness ways, constantly blossom out myself into a happier girl. I have never imagined all this would happen a year ago, I feel so grateful to the universe that I cannot do anything else but smile, drink Mate and enjoy.

I won’t omit that it was difficult. That I missed my city Avellaneda. That I cried a lot sometimes. That I suffered the inescapable distance. But the time shows this doesn’t do any long harm more, it makes me grow and learn, expand my heart and soul. So for what else are we living for? Happiness might be all together and mixed, the decisions that made us win and those that made us lose, all the moments I burst out laughing and those I sang crying in the snow a bit of folklore. As Baglietto said wisely: “Sólo se trata de vivir…”

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