BROADER: objectives & results

BROADER fosters cooperation between organizations from Europe and Latin America active in the field youth, human rights and interculturality, to promote the participation of young people with fewer opportunities and the role of youth as promoter of intercultural dialogue inverting the trend towards building walls. Youth participation is about engaging in forming opinions and taking actions to bring positive changes in society including participation in representative democracy, in participatory structures such as NGOs, in debates and seeking information about democracy.


The specific objectives are:

  1. increasing youth’s awareness about migration phenomena and foster their sense of belonging to an international community;
  2. reinforcing the development of transversal skills like civic and social competences among youths as well as media literacy;
  3. raising awareness among the local community of the positive role played by young people especially with regard to intercultural understanding and strengthening the network of partners;
  4. reinforcing youth workers’ skills from both partner and program countries in the field of intercultural dialogue and of youth participation, with particular regard to human and migrants rights, active citizenship, social media and advocacy;
  5. favouring cross-border cooperation in the field of youth to foster the role of youth as promoters of intercultural dialogue. Best practices will be the visit to the seat of the Euregio in Italy and meetings with US organization during the YWE in Mexico.

As to the results…

1. Youth.

Youths as beneficiaries of partner organizations and of the project platform: involvement in innovative activities; knowledge of people from other cultures; be more active as citizen; be more aware of migrants issues and of the importance of promoting intercultural and mutual understanding.

Participants in the YE: personal growth; being more open towards migrants and be more critical towards information disseminated by media.

EVS volunteers: personal and professional growth; becoming more active as citizens and promote tolerance and solidarity.


2. Partner Organizations.

They will: improve staff skills and the promotion of youth as promoter of intercultural dialogue; improve abilities to work at EU and international level; improve the implementation of transnational mobility programs as non-formal learning opportunity; improve the quality of accompaniment of volunteers and the assessment of volunteers’ skills; be part of a stable international network; better visibly at European and International level.


BROADER is expected to have a positive impact at local, European and International level.


1. At local level for sending and hosting communities: greater understanding and appreciation of cultural diversities, better social cohesion among the whole community; higher number of youths interested in taking part in volunteering activities and in committing to be active citizens; better knowledge about the opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ program.


2. At European/International level: better awareness of being citizens of the EU (for EU citizens) and the world; better knowledge of the EU values; deeper knowledge of the opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ program; promotion of the positive aspects of the EU thanks to the volunteers’ testimony; strengthening of the EVS network as well as the synergies between organizations involved in the projects.

Participating organizations will be reached through: the participation in the initial youth worker exchange, the study visit in Mexico, the final meeting in Slovakia, meeting of the board, design of the handbook summing up the project activities, update of the platform.

Youths will be reached through: active participation in the activities (mobility program: YE and EVS), users of the RO involved in the activities organized by EVS volunteers, update of the platform with the activities of the project, design of the handbook summing up the project activities.

Stakeholders: partners of BROADER will propose activities regarding intercultural dialogue and active citizenship at schools, public and private bodies targeting youth, local, regional and national level will be visited during the training in Italy and the study visit in Mexico.