BROADER stands for “Boosting cross-border interRelations to Overcome Animosity and DEvelop human Rights education”.


It gathers organizations located in countries which today are experiencing the passage of migrants and refugees, the settlement of migrants or have been a destination for Europeans in the past. These countries have or want to build walls at their borders or are threatened by neighboring countries to see walls built at their borders.


Therefore BROADER aims at boosting the exchange of good practices between EU countries (Slovakia, Austria and Italy) and Latin America ones (Argentina and Mexico) to foster youth participation, in particular young people with fewer opportunities and their role as promoters of intercultural and mutual understanding.


To strengthen cooperation and dissemination of the results several meetings and trainings are foreseen: a youth worker exchange in Italy, a study visit in Mexico and a final meeting in Slovakia; a youth exchange and a long-term EVS. Besides participating in the regular activities of the ROs, EVS volunteers together with youth workers will design and implement new activities to raise awareness about the situation of migrants, boost inter-cultural dialogue and foster active citizenship among youths.


Youth workers, participants in the Youth exchange and EVS volunteers will develop specific transversal, inter-cultural, civic and social skills useful not only for their employability but also for their personal growth. The skills developed during those non-formal learning experiences will be recognized using the Youthpass which will be promoted in the different schools in contact with partners.


BROADER will have a positive impact on all actors involved: partners, participants in international mobility and local community thanks to a better intercultural dialogue and a higher participation of youth.