Organizations involved


Associazione InCo – Interculturalità & Comunicazione is in charge of the international mobility in Trentino South-Tyrol. Its main activities are international mobility projects for youngsters – Youth Exchanges, Au Pair, Mid-Term Volunteering, European Voluntary Service, Internationaler Jugendfrewilligendienst…you name it!


Associazione Campi Gioco e Ricreazione (VKE, after the German name) is an Italian organization focusing on a better life quality for children and youth.


Associazione La Strada/Der Weg is an Italian organization active in diverse social sectors. It helps children, youth and adults who face difficulties in life (drug addiction, psychological disorder, …) in order to offer the same opportunity for everybody.



Jugendinfo is a Belgian non-profit, offering youngsters some orientation and information about all the opportunities out there for them: in working and also personal life, and not only!



Estyes is an Estonian non-profit, non-political, non-governmental International youth association. Its aim is to promote youth and cultural exchanges for learning and better mutual understanding.



UEMC is a Bolivian NGO organizing recreational activities at the preschool, supporting children with their homework, taking part in the visits to social organizations such as orphanages, hospitals.


Fundación Sol en Casa is a Bolivian NGO which supports youth in the educational and creative workshops, awareness events for families and community, recreational activities.



Jovi is a Guatemalan NGO taking care of communication and dissemination activities regarding JOVI’s projects and activities, taking part in workshop regarding historical memory, human rights, creativity and art, collaborate in the planning and implementation of community activities such as forum, painting of murals, festivals.