Objectives & results

The objectives of “D RE A M E R” are:

  • Encourage youth participation in democratic life in multi-ethnic societies, in particular that of young people with fewer opportunities, such as those belonging to minorities or indigenous peoples. They will have a better knowledge of persons from other cultures, be more active as citizen, be more aware of the positive aspect of living in a multi-ethnic community, learn other cultures and languages and develop specific transversal, inter-cultural, civic and social competences which could be useful not only for their employability in the social work field but also for their personal growth;

  • Make institutions more aware of youth concerns and include them more in participation;
  • Strengthen the network of partners created during the design of the project to reach stakeholders (public institutions, youth platforms, schools and universities) and facilitate the dialogue between institutions and youth.
  • Achieve a better recognition of non-formal education experience;

  • Strengthen the cooperation and exchange of good practices between EU countries and Latin America;

  • Create a positive impact at local, European and International level.

…as to the results: you can check on our section “Resources for Youth Workers“. More to come soon: stay tuned!