The project

D R E A M E R: Developing international RElations to Activate Multicultural Experiences and Reciprocal Solidarity” is a capacity building project, submitted to EACEA in September 2015 by InCO organization together with a network of partners.

The idea of this project is developing new partnerships between European and Latin American youth organizations. The project itself started in March 2016, and will finish in October 2017; it includes a number of activities, both long-distance and mobility of youth workers as well as volunteers.

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What are the main activities in the project?

  • Youth worker exchange in Bolzano (Italy): the project took of with this meeting – please check our section “Resources for Youth Workers” to learn more about it! 12 youth workers (2 from each partner country and 5 from Italy), plus 1 facilitator. Of course before this activity many emails and skype between partners occured! Please refer to our resources section to find out more about what we did and how we did it: there’s a whole booklet to download; 

  • Initial training for EVS volunteers in Bolzano (Italy): here we had 9 participants; the idea was to favour active citizenship and intercultural dialogue – while offering volunteers an initial training which would be useful to develop their service.


This 2 activities took place at the end of August/beginning of September 2016; then the next steps started:


  • European Voluntary Service: youngsters from Europe are now in Latin America, and youngsters from Latin America are now in Europe. Here volunteers are actors of their own learning process while receiving some help. And of course, all organizations are involved in this activity! As of project, volunteers are an extra support for the receiving organizations, but they also take care of the so called “parallel activities”: that is, promoting youth participation and positive togetherness in multiethnic contexts – while providing also material to create a good praxis exchange, useful for this very site;

  • Study visit in Guatemala: here 14 youth workers (2 from Estonia, 2 from Bolivia, 2 from Belgium, 3 from Italy and 5 from Guatemala) will travel to the country in May 2017. The visit is organized by Jovi, the Guatemalan partner – and it will include out-door visits and activities as well as non-formal learning activities aiming to reflect on the results of the project and partnerships for future cooperation;

  • Final meeting and conference: it will take place in Belgium in  August 2017; 1 person from each partner and the 9 EVS volunteers will participate. Here organizations and volunteers will draw an evaluation of the results and methodologies of the project so to plan further collaboration and activities to disseminate the results.


As anticipated, a continuos communication is essential for the good ending of the project! For this reason during the project we will have:


  • network meeting of the board via skype and dissemination activities: the idea here is to monitor the activities of the project and share doubts and solutions. We plan to organize a meeting via skype every 2 months with at least 5 partners, and to have at least 3 articles published in local newspaper by each partner. As soon as the platform is ready, each month partners and volunteers will update it with specific activities.


…what are the methodologies to be used?

Non-formal learning of course! Together with its brother: learning by doing, learner-centered and peer-education.


Visual and educational resources

Dreamer handbook

Volunteering in Bolivia

Guide for youth participation

The game of democracy

Best practices

Mental maps (workshop)

The project POP

Intercultural learning (workshop)